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Jason MacGregor - District 1 - Souris / Elmira

Jason MacGregor, 23, was born in Souris and raised on "the Northside" in Bayfield. He attended Eastern Kings Consolidated School, which was closed in 2009, and graduated from Souris Regional High.

MacGregor attended the University of King's College and Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he majored in International Development Studies and minored in Journalism.

During his time away, he was the President of the Halifax chapter of Journalists for Human Rights (JHR), in which he spread awareness of human rights laws in Canada and abroad while also raising money to support local journalists in Africa. As part of his journalism training, MacGregor did several work placements under the mentorship of reporters and senior writers from CBC National and CBC Calgary.

MacGregor twice attended the World Model United Nations Conference, hosted by Harvard University. In 2009, he represented Brazil on the Human Rights Council in The Hague, Netherlands. In 2010, he was invited back to the conference, where he represented Canada on the High Commission for Refugees in Tai-Pei, Taiwan. During these conferences, MacGregor held workshops, made presentations and attended lectures of several former prime ministers, sitting presidents, numerous ambassadors to the United Nations and other prominent figures on the international stage.

Since he was 16, MacGregor has served in the Army Reserve as a Signal Operator. For the past several years he has been a detachment commander, responsible for setting-up and maintaining a command post and communications for commanders in times of domestic operations at home, or in combat situations. His past responsibilities have included being an acting-Quartermaster and Troop Storesmans in Halifax. In September, 2011, after becoming a confirmed candidate for The Island Party, MacGregor took a leave of absence from his military duties.

MacGregor believes that his international education allows him to see the true potential of Prince Edward Island, and specifically, the Souris-Elmira area. With knowledge of how international economic policies are directly and indirectly hindering local economies, such as rural PEI's, MacGregor hopes for the opportunity to rejuvenate his community over the next four years.

For more information, find MacGregor on facebook: CLICK HERE

Andy Clarey - District 4 - Belfast / Murray River

Andy Clarey, 65, was born and raised in Murrary River. Clarey worked as a carpenter since he was 17, allowing him to travel the province as well as to work in four other provinces and Nunavut Territory.

18 years ago, Clarey returned home to Prince Edward Island and became involved in his community and provincial politics. For several years, Clarey was the Union President at the Georgetown Shipyard, was the Youth Leader with the United Church in Montague and continually volunteers his time to help neighbours.

Clarey's first entered politics in 2000, when he ran as the Liberal candidate in District 4, against former premier, Pat Binns. At the time, Binns was rated as the most popularly rated premier in Canada. Yet, Clarey received 29% of the votes.

In early 2003, Clarey was nominated for the Liberal Party Leadership. It was during his run for leadership of the party that Clarey lost trust in the party, especially it's senior members. In the years that followed, Clarey continued to become more disillusioned with the Liberal Party he once supported. In 2011, Clarey joined The Island Party after learning about their policies and was later named candidate for his home district.

In 2007, Clarey ran as an independent in District 4, opposing Liberal candidate, Charlie MacGeoghegan, who was later elected. However, Clarey did receive more votes than the NDP and Green Party candidates.

Clarey states that he is not in politics for his pocket book, but rather to fight the mismanagement of taxpayers' dollars he has seen for years and to give voters a viable option that isn't out of touch with rural PEI's most serious issues.

Clarey is married to wife, Gale, with whom he has four children: Andrea, Travis, Chad and Crystal.

Roger Nowe - District 7 - Morell / Mermaid

Roger J. Nowe, C.C.F.T., is founder and president of Right Nowe Products Inc., an Island company located in Mount Stewart. Nowe grew up in southern Nova Scotia where he attended Liverpool Regional High School. He studied drafting at Nova Scotia Community College, and then following a move to Ontario, Nowe studied at Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology in Hamilton. Roger is a Certified Concrete Foundation Technician.

During his 25+ year career Nowe has inspected and repaired hundreds of residential and commercial foundations. He has gained much of his experience while working in Ontario and Nova Scotia before settling on Prince Edward Island 14 years ago.

This is Nowe's first time running in politics and hopes to specifically address local business issues.

Gary Chipman - District 8 - Tracadie / Hillsborough Park

Gary Chipman was born and raised in Charlottetown and has lived in Canavoy for the last 20 years. He attended Queen's Square Elementary School in Charlottetown, which is now a parking lot, and later graduated from Birchwood High School.

Chipman holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Prince Edward Island; a Master's in Counselling; studied for two years in a Master's program in Clinical Psychology from Lakehead University and is qualified in several specialty courses dealing in Reality Therapy.

Everyone who knows Chipman, knows his passion for music. At age ten, Chipman learned the fiddle, then later the guitar and went on to play with famous musicians such as: Anna McGoldrick (Ireland), John Allen Campbell (Cape Breton), Dave Dudley (Nashville), Freddy Fender (Nashville), Carleton Show Band (Newfoundland), Stompin' Tom Connors (PEI), Don Messer (PEI), and the Tremtones; PEI's first rock band and many others.

Chipman constantly dedicates his time to playing for local benfits. He has three adult children and three grandchildren.

After living on Prince Edward Island his whole life, Chipman realized nothing really changes with the election of the two leading parties and that without another viable option, the province's progress was being damaged. He helped to found The Island Party in 2010.


The Island Party of Prince Edward Island lays out it's policies in the following downloadable PDF file:



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